03 WR weight??

On the Yamaha site the claimed 03 YZF weight is 221 lbs dry. In the mags the weight is 232 lbs for the same bike. I checked out the Specs on the WR and it void of weight, nor do any of the mags have that information. Is it because the "Official" release date for the WR isn't until December (according to my local dealer) he might have some trickle in as early as November though. Does anyone know what the weight will be for the 03 WR? I was real curious if the E-start will make a big difference.

I was looking for that info yesterday and found a site that claimed it was 1.5 pounds lighter that the wr426

I cant find where i read it ... but i did come across this site that has a lot of info the other sites don't have ... like gear ratio check this out http://yz450f.yme.com/pages/default.htm

They had one at Laguna Seca last month, but the Yamaha trolls knew nothing about it. Yamaha has been outstandingly bogus about thumper weights for years. Very aggravating.

I can say this: the ergos are much better. It is really nice and slim.

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