Clutch kit fix not needed for WR450's??

While my WR450 was in the shop getting the erratic shifting issue repaired I asked them to install the clutch kit from the 02's to fix the grabby clutch. It turns out that my WR already has the 02 clutch kit pieces in it (so they obviously couldn't install the kit.) Needless to say I was suprised to hear that my bike already has the 02 components installed.

Newbie Question, which parts ????

Thats interesting. I wonder when production with the updated clutch started??? Sounds like your shop has you dialed in.

Glad to hear your shifting problem was taken care of too.

If you search on the YZF forum for grabby clutch you can find the exact specs. Basically it's a couple of clutch plates and a few other pieces from the 02 models. I guess what I thought was 'grabby' wasn't really an issue compared to what the YZF guys were dealing with.

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