2000 Yzf 426

I ride a 2000 YZF 426. Bike was leaking gas when sitting. Pulled carb cleaned float and re-assembled. Ran great but leaking just a tad. Also, when revving out any gear it sputters and cuts out a little. I've never ridden 4 stoke before now and I'm wondering if the bike will wind like the 2-strokers. When this happens I just shift a little sooner and that works fine. Is this normal???

Sounds like your float level is not properly set.

The 4 stroke engine will not rev as high as a 2 stroke. They are 2 completely different animals.

As for the sputtering again may be carb issues. Check your main jet and needle setting. make sure your airfilter is clean and properly oiled. Also check your spark plug and gap.

I am not a mechanic but have owned many bikes and always work on them myself. Hopefully this helps.

The 4 stroke engine will not rev as high as a 2 stroke. They are 2 completely different animals.

Excuse me? They're different alright. Show me a pinger that starts pulling hard at below 6000 and doesn't give up until past 10, please.

If the float is set right and your carb still leaks out the overflow tube, check the o-ring around the float needle seat as well as the rubber end of the float needle.

If you need either of these parts, the dealer wants to sell the whole float needle assembly, to the tune of about 68 bucks...46 bucks at the TT store. You or your local shop can order them individually from Sudco (butif you do it, you have to order at least 25 bucks worth of stuff)

Thanks for the info. I will check the float setting and o-ring. When I purchased the bike( $2000 1 year ago) The guy gave me a race baffle. When I put this not only was it loud but I think it gave a me a little more throttle. Could this be? And, would I have to change any jetting?

Ever ridden a KX500? My old KX500 makes my 426 look like a toy in raw HP. Granted its more cc's but........
Yes I have. Ever put a tach on one? The don't turn as high as a 426.

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