'00 Carb. question

A little background. I bought a '00 WR400 that had not run in 12-18 months. After picking up a tank thanks to this site and doing the free mods. I'm having an odd problem. I've had to remove and clean carb. two times and now bike only wants to start w/o the choke. Usually with a gummed up carb. it's right the opposite; will only run with choke on. I did change jet from 158 to 160 but can't see that making a difference in starting. Thanks for any advice/input.

Your float needle valve is leaking or your float height is too high.

Thanks for the reply. Since it started out of the blue, I'm kinda ruling out the float level being off. With the price of the needle valve I'm going to have to be sure. Since I'm pulling the carb for the umptenth time, how about I hook carb on the side of the bike with bowl removed? My thinking; I can hold floats up and check for leak. Feel free to shoot holes. At least I have become expert on carb removal.

No, that is decent logic. Compressed air works too (set the reg. to about 5 psi). Less messy.

Pulling a carb is good for you. Builds character

If removing carb builds character, this 'Ole country boy is 'bout ready to move to Vatican City. Thanks for the input.

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