444 big bore

A 444 is worth it if you do it right. Its just you had to chime in and say a 444 kit wont give you that much hp. Thats were it got off topic. I was just stating if you add the dispalecment and dont change the port design you probly will olney yield a 1hp gain.
Your position makes more sense when you explain it, doesn't it?

The pistons and head are serviced at 80 hour intervals if your running stock equipment so why wouldnt you rebuild both if your going to a 444 kit. the athena kits never are worth it in my mind. For the work Eric Gorr does, he is dirt cheap. You get what you paid for. He stands behind all his work. Ive had 4 motors rebuilt from him so far.

this is my dyno sheet from my 444 with hotcams porting fmf 4.1. after i built my bike my brother got me to build his yzf500 bigebore stroker and his bike only put down 0.5hp more and about 1 more ft/lbs. when you ride the bikes back to back they feels about the same for powerwise but my brother forked out the extra cash to get his crank balanced(smooth as butter)


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