02 WR426 mods?

Hey i dont own this bike,a friend i ride with does,and ask if i could psot for him. Just he has a 02 WR426 with about 800 miles on it. He would like to know two things, What mods he can do to it being that all he has done is take the baffles out. Second being why he goes threw plugs so quickly.

These are mine: airbox lid removed, no exhaust baffle, throttle stop cut to YZ spec <-- biggest performance difference, YZ exhaust cam timing, bk or gb accelerator pump modification, grey wire is ignition timing related. Mods for this weekend are YZ jetting specs (EJP,162MJ,200MAJ,42PJ,100PAJ) and a YZ exhaust can (thanks Hick for the used can!) There is hours of reading that I found through the search function to perform the ones I did.

As far as fouling plugs, unless jetting is way off, tell him not to touch the throttle, hold the throttle cable area just inside the grip when kicking, untill it is running. I have come across three people trying to start these like 2-strokes (giving the throttle a twist as you kick). The accelerator pump in the carb can flood the engine to easily if not careful.

As well as the "standard' mods mentioned, two significant mods he can do include the 450 cam retro-fit and the JamesNow! mod...

Look at these two documents... save and print them for your friend...



If you wnat more info about these mods, then use the search function and you will find all you want to know...



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