Another chain question and problem

I've been reading all the threads on chain adjustments in the tech section and elsewhere and gear changes and I need some advice and explanation. First off I'm running a brand new Regina o-ring chain of 113 links (plus the master) with Renthal sprockets 14/48.

1. When the chain is adjusted according to the tech article having the swingarm straight out it doesn't loosen up to the book spec of around 2" off the chain guide bolt when I drop the swingarm and reattach the shock. It only loosens up very slightly, maybe a quarter inch off a straightedge. Is this normal?

2. When I spin the rear tire with the chain tensioned I get a thumpety-thump noise as it spins. When I take the chain off the rear tire spins free. There's new bearings in the hub (no road time at all) and I have the rear wheel straight in the frame. The chain seems straight (sprockets aligned). Is this normal?

Any chain is going to make noise/create apparent drag when spinning the wheel.

Be careful when substituting the method in the tech article. The swing arm is not supposed to be "straight out". It needs to be positioned so that it puts the centers of the output shaft, swing arm pivot, and rear axle all on the same line.

Just correctly apply the service manual method and you'll be fine.

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