back flip


Is it just me or is the guy that crashes wearing tennis shoes?

i can believe the lack of protection worn by these big as freestyle has gotten these guys are now roll models and should be sending message to kids and young riders.if these guys wear more protective gear kids will think its cool to wear more gear.if they only wear helmet and t-shirt kids will only want to wear helmet and t-shirt.i was at my buddys house the other day when he came home with brand new 50cc quad for his 4 year old daughter.5 minutes after he unloads it she was riding it in street outside his house with no helmet[he was also riding no helmet]i had big fit about whole thing and started yelling at him.his response was "calm down,i havent had time to buy her a helmet yet.quad isnt that fast anyways"that made me even more upset i told him he is a idiot and weather quad is fast or not it doesnt matter.its the law,he was setting bad example and if car comes around corner it doesnt matter how fast that quad is going.he then said "i worry to much and i was ruining his daughters gift"thats when i left.

Hey enduro dog, the guy that crashes is wearing riding boots, if you go frame by frame you can see them.... :)

You know that first guy is Pastrana right? Slow it down and check out the number plate...# 199. Apparently, he has this thing down pat. Done over 100 successful flips so far. Looks like his riding buddy does not.

its says pastrana in title

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Freestyle111, that guy with the quad is an idiot. Doesn't go that fast? I bet it goes at least 5 mph... Ask him if he would stand straight up and fall backwards, letting his head hit directly on the concrete or a curb... Why not according to his logic, I'm sure your head won't be moving "very fast" when it hits the ground, surely you can't get hurt. My wife went to highschool with a kid that was on the hood of a car only going a few mph when he fell off, hit his head and died. It doesn't take much...

Frame-by-frame===> Is that "no legs" during the flip by Pastrana!!!!

Yep, first guy is pastrana, and no, the second guy is wearing boots. Very cool clip!

Sure looks like his legs are not on the bike. I read that he has been attempting the no hands back flip as well as a no hands lander from a backflip. Dude is fearless. I wonder what Susuki thinks of this since he hasn't been racing motocross all season due to injury?

That snowmobile clip is very cool. I couldn't imagine pulling on a 500 lb. sled and getting it to rotate like that. Hate for that thing to land on you.

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My wife better not see that. I can hear her now ......"There goes my meal ticket". It looks like he might have made it if he hadn't let go with his right hand. The front wheel made a hard over to left when he landed. So for the big question asked on the tape - Was he alright?

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