2003 YZ450 forks fit 2005 WR450???

My son decided to play chicken with a Ford F-250 in a fun fast wash last year.

Needless to say two broken ribs and a tweaked front fork later we found a complete front suspension from a 2003 YZ and would like any info on bolting the whole front assembly to his 2005 WR. I did a quick search on this forum and didn't see anything specific.



2005 is when they went to a 48mm fork on the wr , the 03 yz still has the 46mm, if you can find some off of an 04 then you are set

it is still possible, but not a direct bolt on. you will need new triple clamps, possible brake caliper and other misc. stuff.

Thanks, DrzDasher, thought we were getting to lucky with that set up. We will keep searching Ye Ol' internet for a cost effective fix.

If you have the upper and lower triple clamps, it will bolt right up.

be forwarned, the yz suspension will be very harsh and rough. You will need to get it redone.

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