Smaller Rear Sprokets - Where to Buy?


I feel like a newb...I searched and there is tons and tons of info on people gearing their WR's taller...this is great but the question becomes:

1) Where are you guys buying your rear steel sprockets that are smaller then a 48 :lol:

I can find 48 rear sprockets all day long but i want smaller 46/45/40 sizes...:worthy:

Can you guys post up some different links?


I use Primary Drive sprockets, lot's of options to choose from

yes but they dont have a 46/45/44 option :lol:

47-42...oh whell

Try Sunstar maybe

Try Sunstar maybe

i did and they are a no go either...its funny i can find "custom" aluminum sprockets all day long for 100+ bucks...i can even get a steel one made for over 100 bucks...the thing is i want cheap, heavy steel sprockets that will last for ever!!!

should I feel lucky that somebody gave me a 47?

You should be able to find the smaller sizes from renthal, aluminum though.

Ok here is the deal...

JT Steel sells sprockets that will fit our bikes (:banghead:). The only reason its "hard" to find this is because JT doesn’t advertise this on their website. :worthy:

The sprocket the WR needs has a part number that looks like this (only ranges from 48-52):


However as Mrs. VW said, the TT shows in the Tucker Rocky book that this sprocket series that will work:


After making some phone calls, the JTR 245 series sprocket will fit our bike (I called JT Steel). For whatever reason they don’t advertise this but everything is the same minus the .3 (not sure if its mm or what) difference in hole size.

So if anyone is looking for CHEAP steel sprockets that range from 38-53, the JT Steel sprockets with a beginning part number of JTR 245 will fit the WR hub. :lol:

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