Is this the right pressure switch?

Sorry for not searching, but I want to get this order in quick. Is this the correct pressure switch?

I'm also assuming I can use the stock 08 taillight and have it work as a brakelight as well... or is that not the case?

Once again, I know I should also search, but have there been any bolt on plate holders for an 08 that have came out on here recently. The last time I searched the ones buys were buying were getting eaten up by the rear tire.

Is this the correct pressure switch?

Yes...make sure you order "PART NO. 21-0369 fits front and rear brake master cylinder 10mm dia. x 1.25mm thread pitch"

have there been any bolt on plate holders for an 08 that have came out on here recently?

Yes...this is the one I have on my 08 and IMHO is the best one...especially for the money. (Click HERE to see it mounted on my 08)


Also I recommend you purchase these items from as they have the best prices on both items.

For the switch, use part number: 05-9069

For the plate holder use part number: 2010-0550


PM me and I'll send you a super tricked out one for free. It will allow you to keep that realy cool looking stock tail/brake light. Many miles of very hard off road ridding and it's still there! My buddy made a prototype with a couple of extra copies. The first one has lasted so long I have no use for the extras. All I will ask is that you pass it along to another TT'er if you end up going with something else.



Looks like my extra plate holders are all called for. I begged my friend to make more but he refused to do so. Regalman is on top of the list if he PM's me in a day or so.

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