08 wr450f throttle stop screw lenght?

hi all, does anyone now how long i need to cut the throttle screw for a 08 wr450f?

I cut mine on my first WR and the throttle would stick WFO. That's when I found out about thumpertalk. Did some research and come to find out that that is common when you cut it. So purchased the AIS removal kit and did it right.

Never had an issue after that. If you don't want to get the kit, than buy a YZ throttle stop. If you really have to cut it, than put it on a grinder and smooth it out and try to copy the origianl tip roundness.

Just my $.02, but what the hell do I know I'm on my second WR.:lol:

23.5 mm

Thats total length of course. I may never forget that measurement!

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