water and starting problems

evening guys

my bike has become a pig to start from cold lately

fist off the starter motor started paying up.

now today it would not start when cold unless the hot start and choke was used, when running and the hot start leaver is pulled in the reves increase?

more worryingly to water problem i found today.

i change the oil after every ride but when i dropped it today it looked like there may have been water mixed in with the oil in short i removed the fly wheel cover and horrified by the amount of creamy oil i found in there.

now about 3 months ago i changed the pump seals, had no water usage since then.

when i did the job the clutch side of the engine was spotless no signs of water so i just guessed all was ok until i spotted this today i also guess the amount of oil and sludge that was there may also of helped kill my starter.

so questions are would this water have been left in there from 3 or 4 months ago?

if not how did it get in there?

would this also account for my starting problems?

is this just the start of my problems?

if you have been out of water since the seal swap that wont be your problem. if you changed the oil prior and it came out normal, even with any moisture in your casing, it would be a small amount and wouldnt promote that extreme of an oil condition. my guess is when you swapped the seals, one of which being the seal on the impellar shaft, it may have not seated properly so coolant leaked passed that shaft and entered your casing causing the problem.

ive changed the oil at least 10 times and filter 5 times since doing the seals.

i changed the shaft as well the same time.

the bikes not used a drop of water since.

thats why im puzzled as to where ther waters come from?

just a guess but it might be down to condensation, I have a Z900 with trick see through clutch cover, if I fire it up in winter the glass becomes seriously milky and I'd have to run the bike for at least 30-40 mins to clean it (let the moisture go), in summer months after sitting for say 2 weeks it'll do the same but dissapears in 5 mins, daft guess would be you've put the seals wrong side ??

no i made sure that by taking photos before removing the old ones. and like i said its not using any water :lol:

are you driving it through water?

yes i oftern drive through large amounts of water i live in the uk :lol:

have thought maybe its getting sucked up through one of the breathers?

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