UK insurance.

Hi guys,

Im looking at getting a WR 450. Where is a good place to look for insurance?

Would you recommend going fully comp on a bike like this? or 3rd party T&T ?

Did a search on , got a few quotes, pretty high fully comp, but i dont have any NCB for a bike as it expired due to not riding for 2 years.

Thanks in advance!


hi mate i used go compere .com ive only past my test a year ago and my insurance is only £130 fully comp and i dont have NBC

Hi, :lol:

A-Qutoe or MCE seem to be the cheapest for me, around £100 3rd party fire and theft, give them a try and always haggle with them.


Ok, will try them.

Cheers Guys.

Steer clear of ebike as they dont make it clear if your insured on green lanes or not, beware, could have changed now but has put me off them.

I also got my insurance via or was it confused ??? one of those comparsion sites anyway I think about £150 ish fully comp with 1 yncb but i am 39.

Insured with NIG part of the royal bank of scotland, They went all through the policy as I had reservations about what insurance to take after the whoha with ebike the year before. What ever insurance company you go with make sure you are getting the right insurance that covers you for what your going to do on it.

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