Ball bearing mod.


I just bought an 08 450 a couple weeks ago and have been doing lots of research on mods and newbike setup. I was just wondering how many of you out there have drilled out the drain hole and installed the ball bearing? Any things to watch out for? Also has anyone tried any alternative solutions? How about JB weld?


How about JB weld?

How 'bout NOT! mickey-mouse-10.jpg

I did both mine, of course, and since then, the lower bolt runs in and out freely with my fingers, just like the other two.

It's always best to do this sort of thing with the cover off the bike. I did the first one that way, since it was off anyway. But the second one I did in place.

As mentioned later in the thread, you can protect the oil passages from contamination by taping over the main feed port (the larger hole inside the well), and the feed passage to the crank, located to the left of the lower bolt hole. For the threaded hole itself, grease a Q-Tip and thread it in until it closes of the drain passage. After running the drill in just far enough for the ball to fit, sweep out what chips you're able to with another greased swab before unscrewing the one you put in the threads.

If you run the drill clear down the length of the hole, it's not a real problem. The swab will keep the drill from dinging the threads, and the ball can't migrate downward anyway.

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