please post here: NO woodruff key problems

Allinson, Date of Purchase 2/4/03, #665, Utah, 83 miles, no torque adjustment.

Waiting for an official statement from Yamaha before I start the engine.

Dave Dialogue, Date of Purchase 1/31/03, production number 1110, Idaho, 35 miles, dealer re-torqued to 47ft-lbs as per service manual insert.

The Blue One,2-5-03,Checked torque at 47lbs,100 miles,#1766


Jim-in-so-ore, #1098. Had flywheel off to make a weight, retorqued to 47# purchased 1/09/03 59 miles. no problems.



Be patient, the solution will be out soon. If the weather doesn't change your looking at June before the snow melts anyway. You might want to read up on studding tires.

#0986,no problems so far with 110 miles on bike since 1/25. Had shop call Yamaha the Monday after picking up my bike. They had me bring it right back so they could check it out.

No problems yet, 100 miles later. Three day weekend coming up with woods rides everyday, trial by fire...

Well I put another 100 miles on the WR and everythings still good. I rode fast single track, super tight woods stuff and wide open speed runs. I also put on about 20 miles in a pretty good downpour and was happy to see the e-start button work just fine. BTW when you have on of these wide open, the trees are going by pretty quick!

Jon E. M, SN# JYACJ04323A001370, purchased 01/31/2003 - Florida, dealer checked at 47lb. seat time 30mi.

:) No Problems.

Paul Willhauck- purchased 2/3/03,have not ridden yet. It wont stop snowing long enough. : :) Dealer was not willing to just check torque on Flywheel based on what I was reading on the Internet.They said to just ride it & break it in.By the way,where is my production # anyway? :D

The last four numbers of the VIN (vehicle identification number). It's stamped on the front of the steering stem/neck. Mine is 0641. The 641st one built.

Thanx Adamwager, I'll check that & post it.Still haven't rode this steed cuz it still wont stop snowing.But I'm really looking forward to it :)

It is 0602. Does that mean that when I hop on it for the first time & miles into the woods, it will die & my 8 year old will have to tow me back to my van with his XR80? That is a :):D :D :D thought.

Edited post by me!!!

#0604 Manufactured 11/02 Canadian bike living in Socal

Took delievery on 2/3/03

120 miles total, no problems

Took to my dealer and checked, mine was correct.

wrench, #0413, WV, unfired (still being readied for GNCC)Checked torque < 47ft lbs Retorqued to 47.

Date 1-15-03 #1049, Utah, 140 miles, I did it myself to 47 lbs. no problems.

Robert, #0529, 2/13/03, Maryland, I told the Yamy shop about the concern with the rotor torque, they hit it with an impact wrench!!!!(I couldn't believe it) checked the torque at home and still was under 47 ft lb. Lossened it , retorqued it to 47 ft-lb, No problems yet. 5 miles on it.

bean329, 2-6-03, 1094, 0 miles, did not check torque.

not riden yet, just started seveal times in garage.

ssranch #1532 31 miles had dealer retorque before picking up 2-1-03 no problems. centrailia, wa. good dealer Powersports North West. carb gunked up they took care of it quickly. bike runs great.

DennisT. Picked my bike in Lancaster Ohio on 1-24-03. Last 4 #1103. Only 3 mi so far(too much snow). After reading about the trouble some were having I called the dealer and he checked with Yamaha and told me to bring it back and they would check it. No problem with the key but said the plug looked fouled. Put a new plug in for me and now I'm still waiting on the stinking weather.

Rod, 2-1-03, 1256, Macon GA. (but my dealer is Thompsons in Huntsville TN.), 2 miles on bike, Checked torque = 30 ft-lb and adjust it to 50 FT-LB. Jetted to 160 MJ, 48PJ befor started, ordered: #100PAJ, 5NL-14916-EN-00 (#OBELN)(YZ250F 2003), 5TJ-14916-D1 #DUQ (richer jet), and 5TA-14916-JN-00 (#NDJN)(from YZ-450F 2003) For off idle bog. Snow, Rain no time to test! :)

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