please post here: YES woodruff key problems

#58x - picked up 2/14 - broken flywheel key - 4.3 miles on the clock - 2/20.

I'm looking through the selection of little yellow smiley faces but I don't see one that looks like someone bent over, their pants around their ankles, and a big painful grimace on his face. That would be me right about now.

Gloft, 1/29/03, ser # 1140, Georgia, 90 miles, dealer fixed bike under warranty. Stated torque was wrong and replaced woodruff key. It better work cause I was 30 + miles in the mountains when mine died. Didn't get out of the woods til well after dark!

woodruff key broke 14.3 miles ser#0941

Rainman WFO

Received 1-15-03

VIN #0996

Sheared 2nd ride at 54 total miles.

This is the first time I've had to be on the wrong end of a tow-strap in over 10 years of owning Hondas. This sux !! :)

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