426 oil change?

i'm gettin ready to change my oil for this weekend...and idk exactly how..and ain't 100% sure how...do i need to drain or fill it from more than one place or what? if anybody could give me a step by step i'd appreciate it cause i just keep gettin little bits of info here and there on the threads

sorry if all this is a lil confusing to understand. i just got my wisdom teeth out and the painkillers are playin with my head lol

First off use the search, I'm sure theres other threads on this, and there is an owners manual available on the common threads area.

Now then, drain oil from the motor and the exteranal tank in the frame. Then full into the motor.

There are 2 drain plugs, one on the bottom of the engine and one on the frame right behind the front wheel.

Start with a manual:


You may find this page helpful, too. Use the process for '01 models:


The abbreviated, practical version is:

  • Run the engine for a minute or so
  • Drain the oil from the frame oil tank (turn the wheel to one side and hold the pan up close. you'll see why) Replace the plug and tighten it.
  • Drain the oil from the crankcase drain plug. Replace and tighten the plug.
  • Remove the filter cover, service the filter, and replace the cover.
  • Refill with the prescribed amount of oil at the fill/dip stick port.
  • Run the engine again for one minute, stop, wait 30 seconds, and check the level.

Never add oil based on what it says on the dip stick unless you have run the engine within the last 5 minutes before you checked it.

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