2001 YZF426 motor locking up??

Here is what is does:

I was riding along one day the the bike stalled. If you kick the bike over, once it hits compression, the kick starter locks up. I mean 220lbs of me not moving the kick starter at all! I can take out the spark plug/ OR pull the decomp and I can move the kicker all day long! I pulled the top cover and do not see anything obvious? Please help before I tear this puppy down! :lol:

I'm not sure I see what the problem is, so far. In good health, it should be just about impossible to kick a 426 through the full compression stroke.

How long have you had the bike? This is suddenly different?

perhaps you have a problem with the decompression doo hicky

Looking at the sprocket on your exhaust cam, is it a plain sprocket like the intake, or is there a flyweight and spring attached?

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