wr450 cyclops headlight....stator work???

I just picked up a cyclops headlight that has 2 55watt bulbs in it. Do I need to do stator work in order to run these lights?


I think so... but just contact Daryl at Cyclops, he has outstanding customer service and he is on TT all the time. He'll tell you exactly what you need to know. His TT user name is - off road rider

i got a 05 wr 450 and used the cyclops but hated following because the lense covers like to eat rocks. dim at idle fine at speed

now got a langston racing lamp. same as cyclops but with 4 55w lamps

2 for high 2 for low

i got a langston racing lamp. same as cyclops

can you post a picture of this set up

Is the bike stock at this point or do you have a dual purpose kit on it, because if the stator has not been modified for the kit there is no way you would have enough wattage for that light

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