cheng shin c-703

I got one of these off ebay for 20 bucks unused. Wow what a meaty frigging tire. Any one us these before? Just wondering if you all had heard of them or used them.


They are really not a bad tire, if your a pro racer you might want something else, but for just playing around I think they're great tire they seem to last as long as anything else. and you can buy three of them for what a Dunlop costs you.

I have ran Cheng Shin for years! I currently have a 560/18 760 on my KDX 250 with screws in it for winter use. Come summer I will switch to the C755 or throw on a new 760. My ONLY complaint is the ribbin I sometimes take for running cheap tires! I personally have ran the 703's on everything from SL350's to modern CR500's but have found that particular tires most effective use in sand and mud! The tread pattern is to wide for harder surface (IMHO).

I have won a LOT of races (both MX an HS) on these CHEAP tires! Guess what - people who come into my garage and admire my trophies from years past NEVER ask what kind of tires I used to win :)


good to hear. I figured it would work out good.

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