Rumor or not?

Someone told me they heard that Yamaha is producing a aluminum frame 426 for 2002. Has anyone heard this???

It wouldnt suprise me if they did.


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after being in a militarized zone I found the best use of rumors was f'in with the idjuts.

I forget who it was...but, one of the designers of the YZF line, was quoted as saying that aluminum was not where they saw the future in YZF frames. He went on to say that they could get nearly the same frame weight as aluminum without those wide spars that would make working on the engine/carb area more difficult. They simply don't view aluminum as the best material for frame construction. Who knows....might be a big smoke screen.

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Boit - are you speaking of the mag interview with Yoshiharu Nakayama, general manager of Yamaha's Motor Sports Engineering Division? He is credited as being the designer of the YZ250F, and director of development in many other YZ projects. When asked whether he had considered going with an aluminum frame, he said that they had tried them before in the '80s on YZMs, and they found it too difficult to find a balance between spring rates, feel, and rigidity using aluminum. He also said that they found they could build a steel frame that was lighter than an aluminum one, that there was no advantage weight-wise, strength-wise, or space-wise in using aluminum, and that they would stay with steel. This from an interview with Nakayama in Feb. 2001 Motocross Action mag.

Scouringpad: Yes, that's the interview that came to mind. I'm suffering from two cracked ribs and was not feeling up to getting on my feet to go search through my magazines for that interview. Thanks for your assistance. Also, seems like I recall another interview...maybe with Nakayama as well.....and he said pretty much the same thing again.

For those with more money than brains:

BBR makes a COMPLETE aluminum frame/subframe to hold a WR/YZ motor. However, you need to have all the major CR components to put one together as this conversion is basically a Yamaha engine stuffed into a modified Honda CR250 frame. Quite spendy too, but I'll bet it really cooks!

When my rear brake lever got squished into a Led Zeppelin roachclip by yet another Arizona rock, I installed BBR's billet brake lever instead of another stocker. Money well spent boys, as it pivots on needle bearings and includes a "brake snake" cable as well for deterring wayward tree saplings.

BBR - the best thumper parts on earth!


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next year it also is a very good chance that the 426 will become a 450 (to compete with the CR450F) i heard this from a local Yamaha inside tech!

Maybe next year "I will get my kicks on a 02' YZ450F" hey wait a sec that doesn't ryme...crap i will have to come up with a new saying hehe!




I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

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