Problem with e-series... anyone else?

I am about fed up with my e-series s-bend pipe. The weld at the canister inlet keeps breaking. I've already sent two of them back and the third one has done it, also. I have all of the proper mounting parts for the WR and it is connected properly. I'm thinking that the r-4 may be less likely to break since it is spring mounted, so I may try one of them. Anybody gone from an e-series w/12 disks to an r-4? Thoughts? White Brothers has been very helpful up to this point, but I don't want to have to send my pipe back every 4 months. :)

i have a e-series with the s bend is yours solid mount with those beveled washers fits real tight no problems here

:)'re not the only one to have problems with the E series, I have just sent mine back for exactly the same problem !

I have just asked for my money back.....I'm now running the Stock YZ pipe and the top end is better, and the perceived noise from on the bike is much less (though I'm told by my mates the real noise is only slightly quieter than the E)


I've got both the S-Bend and The Pro-Meg and never a problem here...Maybe you are getting bad ones from the same lot..

Bonzai :)


TT must be freakin out today....Man serious lag issues...

Check The memory on that server boy's...

Bonzai :)

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Mine just broke also.Sent it back and they are going to replace it.I am now going to get a thunder alley and sell my e-series.

Go with a Promeg. Mine has been fine for many many miles. I think it gives a better power delivery least on my Zuk it does. :)


Yes, I have all of the correct mounting bits and pieces and it is tight and solid feeling all the way from the header to the end cap. You might want to check yours just to make sure... look at the weld on the front of the cannister. I didn't realize this last one was broken until I took it off during a service.


I was thinking that the pro meg may be stronger... since it has a larger diameter at the inlet, maybe it won't be able to flex the front plate of the can so much... :)

I do'no...

I've been running my E, since I bought the bike in 99. I used to check the bolts but, they were never loose. I haven't touched it in years....literally.


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