going to lace my rim for the frist time/tips?

Going to lace my rear rim. Would love to hear some tips on the best way to not mess it up. Hub is fine, but the spokes, and rim are toast.


1. Measure your offsets (both sides) before you pull things apart.... and WRITE THEM DOWN!!

2. Take photos beforehand.

3. Use a cordless drill with a screwdriver bit to screw the spoke nipples in initially (from the inside of the rim), nip them up after that when trueing from the outside using your spoke spanner.

4. Fit the wheel into the bike when checking for true. Use a lead pencil held against something solid (frame, swingarm, etc.) to gently mark the rim as it spins, looking for out-of-true sections.

Alternatively, use a trueing jig like the one I made a few years back:


5. WD40 inside the nipples before assembly.

That's about all I can think of at the moment. I've done a few of them in my time and it really isn't that hard to do.


Thanks guys. Very helpfull!

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