Will a 2003 YZF426 rear shock fit on a 1998 WR400 ?

Hi I am looking at replacing my rear shock (1998 WR400) with one from a 2003 YZF426, can anyone tell me if this will work?

I know most parts suit a 98 model from upto a 2002 model but there must have been some big changes in 2003 as no-one mentions swapping many parts with this year model and after.

Was the 426 still sold in Australia in 03'? Here in the US it became a 450 in 03'

I got thes part #'s from Stadium Yamaha. Not sure if they are the same between Aus. & US

1998 WR 400 - SKU: 5BF-22210-00-00

2002 YZ 426 - SKU: 5SF-22210-00-00

2003 YZ 450 - SKU: 5TA-22210-00-00

Not sure what all this means. Mabey someone else out there knows what the #'s mean?

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