Yellow YZ kit from Throttle Jockey

Have you guys seen the new Yellow Kit from TJ? Its awesome. Im a big fan of yellow yz's. I think thats their true color. This kit had all yellow plastics, even yellow number plates and their mx backgrounds and shroud graphics are not over the top.

Great looking stuff from the graphics lab. But for $320, its a bit pricey.

That does look good.

the hurricane kit grom one industries is a better deal and looks just as good

Does look good, but I prefer the one industries shroud graphics - probably cause of the integrated lightning bolts which remind me of the Hurricane Hannah days (I'm an old fart)

It says only $210.95 for plastics and graphics kit for me ... :worthy::lol:

The shrouds look ok to me. I do not like rear fender decals with all the sponsership that does not apply to me, or the swingarm decals.....especial bridgestone....I am a michelin man

The hurricane kit looks better to me and the Stock look is better than the hurricane IMHO.....

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