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Barbara Boxer Wilderness Bill, if passed, will restrict access to (among other areas) the grouse lakes and castle peak wilderness located off of I-80 west of the Donner Summit area. This includes all mechanical vehicles including dirt bikes. I grew up in these mountains and wont stand for them to be snatched up by this B-tch. Thanks

Done, thanks for the post.

Done Deal and I put a note in there for BOXER


done. Boxer sucks!!!!!

Not a problem , dude! :)

It's unf*ckining believable that Boxer is trying to grab more damn land. Maybe she should let the local people decide how they want to manage the land, instead of just making a land grab for her own "Glorification" :D:):D:D:D:D:D:D


Done, plus 3 friends.


With pleasure.

Were is the patition to make the lying sack of craps take a lie detector test. All of freakin congress and the senate shoudl do that ,,The comunist BA&^&^ards.

Sorry Signed a while back


DOne. I also forwarded it to a few friends . . .


DONE!.. I was #1980


Done thanks for bringing this to our attention!!! I dont live anywhere near there. But I hate to see riding areas closed anywhere and will do whatever I can to help prevent it!! Loren

Hey Cisco,

Just signed I live in upstate N.Y. and would not want this to happen around here. Good Luck!, my signature was #1991 :)

I am # 1999

Im 2005

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