2002 YZ426F info

I just bought a 02 426 and am looking for an exhaust for it. Currently it has a E series on it and is extremely loud. I am looking for a used alternative and found a FMF power core 4 and was wondering if this will be any quieter. Is there a chance it will pass the California sound test?

my yz400f had a "e" on it when i bought it. It had about 8 plates in it and it was ear-splitting loud. As a short term fix, I took all but 4 discs out of it, which is what the install manual said as minimum, but it was still in the 94 db range. We have no sound tests here, but it was way too loud. I found a stocker on ebay and it was much better. No clue what the fmf will be.

get an old style dr.d exhaust i run one on my 426 and like it alot and im shure the old style is on sale

Since your in Kalifornistan and have to have sound requirements, and I'm in Utah and don't, why don't you buy me an exhaust system and I'll send you my stock muffler? LOL!!!

But seriously, the FMF Power Core 4 is about the same as the E series (I got friends with both). If you really want to reduce your sound level go with a new packed stock muffler or a FMF Quiet Core.

I decided to take out a few baffles out of the E and see if I can get it to run right before I buy something else. Thanks for the info.

I just got the pro circuit T-4 setup on my '02 426. It comes with the quiet insert for the t-4 and makes the bike surprising quiet without any totally noticeable difference to the power! I was really impressed with the pipe and would recommend them to anyone!

I have tried several different exhaust systems on my 2001 426 and found that the stock pipe worked the best. You then want to use the Pro moto billet end cap that has the spark arrestor and a quiet core insert for when you need to make it real quiet. You can buy these pretty cheap on ebay if you need one.


If you go that route, the '01-'02 exhausts are a better choice than the '00. They don't look much different, except that some of the earliest '00 headers interfered with removing the oil filter, the later two pipes were about 1 db quieter, and performed marginally better.

The PMB end cap, or the one from DRD is a good low cost solution.

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