Dented Can

Anybody have any tricks to pop out a dent on the stock WR muffle. I pulled the end cap off hoping to get at it from the inside but its double walled .. and can't get at it from the inside. Not a bad dent but I'm just anal about such things. :)

No idea....but give up a photo so we can see the damage. :)

Hey doesn't Billy Mays make some sort of oxy suction contraption that takes dents out?............oh nevermind

DD, There is something wrong with your request. Some would say sadistic. :)

Dent Photo

SMD, I've seen what your're talking about. LOL. I actually considered it.. figured the steel on the can would win.

Just wanted to feel your pain brutha! Seriously though, that's a good size dent and it would drive me crazy too. I hope you get it fixed.

If I'd know you wanted to feel my pain I would have posted a shot of my back, particularly the 2 very large strawberried / bruised areas of my shoulder blade, and the very bruised love handle. :) I don't know which got the worst of the deal, the bike or me. I'll be in chest protectors from now on... my body doesn't take what it used to.

I'll either buy a used can sometime cheap. Or an aftermarket. I could proably drill holes, use screws and pull it out. Then have the holes welded back up. Then sand and poish it back out. Not likely though, chalk it up to character if it gets to that.

Yamageek that dent is awful.I too am anal,& I couldn't live with that either.I would buy the Procircuit Ti-4. :DJust kiddin.I have no idea.

I understand the problem. I even agree. Somehow it bothers me to reply to posts that mention a can and anal.

If all else fails, how about some fake carbon fibre to cover it with? This would give a decent used "can" to use while riding. You can use the new one you get to leave on in the garagefor display purposes.

Are you "anal" guys going to make me believe I am the only one that has "display" parts for my bike?

To bad about the dent. I have one in perfect condition sitting in my garage collecting dust. It's yours for $75.

Let me know.

I can't say I've actually done this on a bike yet, but it works on cars so I don't see why it wouldn't work with some trial and error. This isn't the mainstream method for paintless dent removal but I use it from time to time, and it won't work on real sharp dents but will on soft bottomed dents. I have a tool specifically for it but it costs several hundred dollars and you could make one up fairly easily. It involves hot glue and a autobody slidehammer. You'll basically want to make some quarter sized plastic tabs. The slide hammers at auto parts stores attach to a screw that you would usually screw into the metal, but instead screw it into the the quarter sized plastic tabs. Clean up the dented area with some alcohol. apply generous amount of hot glue to plastic tab and stick it in the center of the dent, let it cool for a minute. Attach slide hammer to tab and give it a few pulls. The glue may or may not stick so it sometimes takes several applications. Clean off any glue residue with alcohol. If it pulls the dent out to much you can use a small plastic mallet to tap it back in some. You can usually get a cheap slide hammer for 20 dollars or so. The Billy Mays thing also used hot glue but used a bridge system instead of slide hammer. The slide hammer gives you the snap you need to pull the dent out. You might have to make some grooves in the plastic tab to get the glue to stick to it.


Motomans site has instructions on fixing a dented head pipe. Seems like it would work even better on the can. Have fun.

I had great sucess with these guys on my headpipe.

$40 bucks plus freight to fix it.

FYI...I looked at their website, in their faq's they say they don't repair silencers or mufflers. Sorry.


I wonder if you could remove it and block off the ends and maybe try to pressurize it? The only thing I'd worry about doing it that way is that it might split at a seam.

Thats not a dent, its a scratch. If you get another one let me know I want yours? :)

Everyone thanks for the ideas and comments.

TJames- May take you up on that offer. I'm eyeing one on ebay. PM me with your contact info. Is it from a WR250? will it work on a 426?

DentMan - Do you use a standard hot glue gun to glue the tabs to the steel? Getting a dent puller wouldnt be hard. But finding these specality plastic quarter size discs? Do you have a source for them? I think your ideas has the most merit, just wonder how well glue would stick to stainless steel. Painted surface would have much better adhesion I suspect.

tct- I thought about the Motoman idea. I don't have a well equiped shop. No torch, compressed air... ability to make a jig. Would probably work if heating the dented area didn't burn up the packing that appears to be right behind the dent. Or as another said blow a seam.

RC- I don't feel so compulsive after your show and go concept :)

Again Thanks All. Love this group, great bunch of guys! and gals.

I feel really odd about doing this "show and go" thing. I know it is nuts and may lead to further mental disorders.

I do it without even thinking. I always have an extra set of plastic (complete) for my bike, including tank.

I really need to get some help. I dont do this with any other aspect of my life, just the bike.

Yes, any regular glue gun will work, although some types of glue work better on different surfaces and at different temps. You can buy the plastic tabs from a company called Worth but they're kind of specific to their slide hammer. Any cylindrical shaped plastic or maybe even wood cut to about an inch in length should work. Heating the can up some(not necessarily red hot) will soften up the metal.

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