What is the difference

What is the difference between a wr426f and a wr426fn?

well I googled it and came up with the f was made for overseas and the fn was made for the states incase anyone esle wondered

Wrong - Try again.

Hint - I have a WR400FM - and no, it didn't come with a radio...

its an 01

still not right though - it's not an identifier for WHERE the bike was made for, it's a Model Year identifier as face plant stated.

Take a look at the 02 parts identifier PDF at the same link - no longer an N, rather a P (they skip O for the reason that it is easily mistakable as a 0 (zero)).

The European bikes are still an N or P etc. depending on the year made if you are needing parts for them.

The only differences on the bikes are muffler and decals.

only the MNHC are

for maine new hamp and kali

and that is for emission bs

my o5 is

wr450ft t is for 05

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