Interesting info on WR450

Talking to the head wrench at the local Yamaha dealer, they just set up a WR450 for a customer, they installed a FMF ti muffler, mid pipe and Power bomb header, he said the weight difference was 6.5 lbs.( the power bomb header was actually a little heavier that the stock pipe) he also changed the timing to YZ specs. He said the power is phenominal. He said when they checked the tourque on the fly wheel nut it was 15 lbs. He's got one coming in for himself, said he's going to do the stuff above plus remove the overflo bottle, and install a higher pressure cap. He's ordered a battery thats supposed to be two pounds lighter. so just with that he figures that to be about ten pounds, he said they weighed them at 262 lbs minus ten is 252 lbs. thats three pounds lighter than a KTM! Two of them are getting the WR'S the other guy is installing a YZ rear fender and removing the kick stand, figures maybe another two to three pounds saved. Intresting, I'am glad they are doing all this expermenting for us.

Was the FMF pipe any quieter than the stock muffler with baffle removed? I would really like to find a quieter system that weighs less.

Also has anyone actually recieved the aluminum kick stand that yamaha says is on our bikes. I am amazed that they figured a way to make magnets stick to my kick stand. :)

it had a spark arrester but was a little noisier than the stock pipe. I don't know where Yamaha came up with the aluminum kick stand report. some body must have had a dream over there and thought it was real.

After the fender was switched to YZ, and the head light and kick stand removed my bike weighed 259 pounds. It was also full of fuel. I weighed it on a bathroom scale with a board across it holding the bike up. It was a digital scale, so I am pretty sure it was accurate. Actually the scale said 281, but the board weighs 22 pounds. 281 - 22 = 259 pounds.

I pulled the sub frame off the other day to change out the rear spring, and your right that battery weighs a lot. The silencer is also pretty heavy. I can definitely believe you could save 10 pounds by just changing out a few hundred dollars worth of parts. For me I like it the way it is. Is the cost worth the pounds? Many will say yes. I'll just go on a diet.

I'll slowly reduce weight on the bike over a period of time, as I get money. All the weight saving mods at once is sure a big chunk of change.

For yamaharichey

You posted that the dealer changed the WR450 to YZ timing. Does the bike electric start OK? Changing the exhaust cam timing also changes the autodecomp timing as well. There has been guesses that the electic starter won't work if the WR exhaust cam is shifted one tooth like the old WR426.

Can you confirm any of this?

That steel kickstand feels like it weighs 10 pounds :) I wonder if any entrepreneuring individuals could make an aluminum or something replacement that could bolt into the stock position. :D

Zaknavage, THe wrench I talked to said it was no problem, he did start it up with the E button. I'll get some more info and let you know.

he also changed the timing to YZ specs

Everything that I've been told by my friends at Yamaha is that you can't do that without losing the E-start on the bike. My dealer (very reliable) told me exactly what Dan Zak says.... Can't be done...

Please give us some facts..............

On another note my WR450 weighs 254lbs. I've taken off the lights and kickstand and replaced my Canadian pipe with a Ti-4.

see ya, Dan (not so serious GPS geek) :)

Everything that I've been told by my friends at Yamaha is that you can't do that without losing the E-start on the bike.

Maybe he swapped in a YZ cam. That would do the trick, no?? I imagine if the decompression mechanism's timing is off enough to make the e-start a problem, it would be a pain to kick start also, for normal mortals that is. Experienced 400/426 owners can kick start a Caterpillar™. :)

Hick, It would kick over no problem, it's just that the timing for the e-start would be off....

Yeah, that is what I don't get. I can understand how the cam timing will affect the automatic decompression, and how this could make it difficult to spin the motor over (since the decomp ain't workin'), but don't get why this would only affect the e-start. W/ not decomp you ain't kick starting it either.


The best way to increase your power to weight ratio is to keep the parts Yamaha gave you and try shedding some body fat! Ok just a thought.

O.K. I talked to the guy that changed to YZ timing, all he would tell me is it was'nt as easy as last year, but he was able to it and it still starts easy with the E button. He said the power is amazing with a after market pipe. His name is Don Griwe at Full Throttle Powersports in Centerville Ut.

Sounds like he swapped the WR450 cam for a YZ450 cam to me.

I wonder why your wrench is holding out on the details? Is he afraid of the wrath of the warranty department?

He told me its labor only, no parts, it takes him about two hours at $60.00 per hour, said he would charge $120.00 bucks to do it. But he still won't tell me what he does, just said it wasn't just a matter of of rotating one cam.

Probly relocates the weight. It is probably a tapped hole with a shoulder bolt. He will not tell you because it must be somthing you could do yourself. He is holding out for a buck. Shifty. ----Mike

Thanks for the update. Let's see now, dealer cost for a YZ450 cam is less than the labor your wrench quoting isn't it?

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