my 'new' 99 yz400f

Welp, first ride went ok. I looped it during a wheelie, I must have found a dry spot in the muddy field we were riding in, because it hooked and went over. Some how I didnt break the rear fender. Someone said it cart wheeled, lol. So I rode the rest of the day with half a front fender, no right rad guard, and no muffler cap.



Some of the trails we went on still had snow/ice on the north facing sides, dirt bikes do not do good on snow and ice, ended up on my back atleast once and bent the brake lever. But I didnt snap it because I keep the levers kinda loose so they will just rotate :)

One of the first places we rode was a hare scramble kind of course, very tight and slow and MUDDY. The bike lost a lot of coolant during that.

When do you know the bike is too hot and risks over heating? the slow sections worry me.

This wont help with overheating in a slow spot, but I think these bikes should have one regardless:

Over flow tank:


hopefully this will help keep the coolant in the system so when it cools back down it will refill it self. I got really worried a few times, I really cant be overheating this motor.

Other than that it did really well. When I put a chain and sprocket on it I will go two up in the rear and/or one down in the front, I never needed any of the higher gears. And I kept feeling like I was going to burn my clutch out during those tight sections, I had to try extra hard to find spots where I could have the clutch all the way out.

The bike ran excellent and started first kick most of the time.

And I take back my pressure washing statement, there is no way I can avoid the pressure washer. Sure I wont point it at the bearings, but this thing had mud everywhere. especially around the front sprocket. I took the guard off to wash it. And after $5 at the car wash I still found mud when I got home. lol.

Next weekend its NEMX, hopefully I can be un-sore by then.

Next weekend its NEMX, hopefully I can be un-sore by then.

So, where's the update buddy???!!!!:thumbsup::lol: :lol:

At autozone I always buy Mobil 1 Racing 4T full synthetic 10w-40, I think it's the best oil they sell for a YZF

Keep up the good work

2nd the Mobil 1 racing T4, we have been running it for years and have not had any problems.

update: I went to area 51 like 3 times, ran into some money trouble and had to sell it.

I sold it for 950 and the kid just put piston and rings in it. I was up till 5am on sunday helping him put it together. lol

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