Who here warms up their bike? If so, for how long?

Whenever I go riding I warm my bike up pretty good, for like 5 to 10 minutes. I pull the choke turn on the gas and with one kick she'll fire right up. Is it really good to run the bike for a few minutes before a ride? I think that since I have a new motor in my bike im going to be nicer to it rather than getting it real hot before I ride it. I don't overheat the thing! No coolant is coming out of the bike.

Or do you think it's better to start the bike and immediatly ride with the choke on and ride for a mile and then turn the choke off?

Just curious. Dan

I warm my bike up with the choke on for usually about 15 seconds. For about the first 5 seconds, I don't touch the throttle. Then I give the throttle a few easy blips. Once it starts the fast idle, I shut off the choke and let is idle for about 3 minutes before I ride it.

It always sputters a tiny little bit when I'm first starting going until it's got about 5 minutes of riding on it.

I've always heard to choke it a minute or two until it will idle without stumbling, then a couple of throttletwists to see if it's cleaned out enough to ride, then ride easily the first couple of trips through the gears to warm it up.

This comes from my dad, who isn't a mechanic but has been a rider since the fifties. This could only be true for Texas and the south as we don't have really cold weather.

I will normally let it warm up with the choke on for a couple of minutes or less. Then for about a minute or two at normal idle speed, giving it a bit of throttle "blips" at first. I figure thats all it should take to warm up the bike before a good hard ride. :)

I put everything but my helmet, goggles, chest protector, and gloves on, then I start my bike. After about 10-15 seconds I take it off choke (if I used it) then I clean my goggles and put the rest of my gear on. Then I take one easy lap on the track standing up almost the whole time.

After that - no holds barred!

I let it warm up for about a couple of minutes using the choke only to get it started. If I leave the choke on too long it will foul the plug.

For a car, you should let it warm up AT LEAST 30 seconds to get the oil to all of the engine and then drive away slowly until it reaches operating temp. Should be similar with a bike. Even in hot weather I wait 30 seconds before I drive away.


I usually let her warm up. At least until the radiators are getting warm to the touch with gloves on. I have always heard that water pumpers can cold seize if you go hard right away since the piston warms much faster than the cylinder. Hot piston + cold cylinder = really tight fit. At least on two strokes. Can't be too much different on thumpers.


Yup, me too. I fire it up and let it warm for a minute or two. I usually use the choke very sparingly. I am a firm believer in letting it get its blood circulating and body temp up before asking it to do any real work. Now, about the bike.... :)

Always allow my bike to warm for a couple of minutes, idling and blipping (Never Red Line Blip)

I also keep me clutch partialy engaged (Have an 00) Clutch sucks till warm.

After that I usually take a through the gear box run up and down the main trail.

Come Back Shut off check oil, gas and away I go...

BTW forgot, before the and away I go,,, I warm myself up with some steaching :) and one good olfart-1.gif

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