2001 YZF 426 trouble starting......

I am having trouble starting up my bike. It kick starts fine and back fires. It has been sitting for a while (I drained all the fluids out beforehand). It has spark. Maybe take down the carb? Anyone have any slick ways to make her run? :lol:

I am having trouble starting up my bike. It kick starts fine and back fires.
It starts, but you can't start it? Explain.

It will not run....

You're not helping very much.

Did it run OK until you shut it off last time, or did it quit while it was running? When was that? How long since it ran last?

Is it backfiring or misfiring? A backfire is an indication of an over-lean mixture (a true backfire is up thru the carb, usually causes a air filter to catch fire).

You aren't using your hot-start as a choke are you? My brother has a CRF, bought it used, no manual. His first thumper. He thought the hot-start was the choke. He continually complained of the same situation you have, gets it to barely start, it misfires, backfires, stalls, makes horrendous noises....I went to his house to figure it out, he was just using the hot-start wrong.

Sounds like a fouled plug. Replace it and try again.

It ran fine about a year ago. I replaced the plug already. Not using the hot start as a choke. Ima thinking the carb is dirty?

A year ago?.... yeah, your carb is dirty.

OK, I cleaned out the carb and all the needles, jets, etc., replaced the plug the other day, and still wont run. I checked the spark, it seemed weak (but not sure what its supposed to look like on this one), compared to my ATV. Any suggestions?

New gas?

Maybe A Little High Had Some Of The Same Problems Plug Air Filter Spark Fuel To Carb Float Level..good Luck

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