White A-Star Tech 8s?

I am planning on buying some Tech 8s and was wondering if anyone has any insight into how much of a difference there is between the whites (vented) and the others. Obviously, riding here in Florida, I try to stay as cool as possible and was wondering if the vented model really makes that much of a difference. Any opinions are appreciated. Thanks!! :)


I got my white, vented Tech 8"s in November and I love them. I sweat even in the cooler months and they are great for me. I wore them in Houston for the GMB race and they were extremely comfortable. They were well worth the cost to me.


Pops, They do a pretty good job of getting more cool air into you feet.. I live in SoCal so I don't spend a lot of time riding in the rain, they're really nice... I would recommend them...


I was looking at them or Sidi's. Which do you think offer more overall protection?


I remember reading in a magazine some tests about boots and AS tech 8 had the best protection, but not the most flexible. Sidi flex was a little less protection, but much more flex. That's what I remember as I got myself AST8.

I'm going to beg to differ on that, both offer really good protection, but the Sidi's are a step above in the protection department. The solid foot bed alone will shore up that point.

You ever seen a foot wrap down around a peg??? It's not pretty :D...........

However, that takes nothing away from the Tech 8's, they are supurb moto boots without a doubt :D.


Dodger :):D

I have the regular t-8's and love them. I ride with vented fox gear but I would rather have a little sweaty feet then have wet, sandy,muddy,or whatever feet if you have to do a water crossing, ride dunes or hit a mud puddle.

That is one of my concerns. I have heard some others say that they do let water get in, and with all of the sugar sand around here I don't want to be able to fill up a sandbox when I pull my boots off! I think I'll try to find a shop around here that has them and take a look. I have tried on the regular ones and they felt great. Thanks for the input! :)

I'm not worried about the sand and mud getting in. I just need more over jump protection. I have AS M-4's and my foot folded up and cracked out my leg on a 20' flat land. I know AXO's are pretty stiff in the front as are the SIDI's but AS Tech-8's aren't bad. If the 8's are pretty good with toe flex and outstanding everwhere else I'll get them, If the SIDI's are better overall I'll get them.


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