Insurance & Registration ?

Hey Guys,

I have a question when I get my WR450 should I register it or do you have to and is there any tips or tricks to doing that to save money. Then will an insurance company insure a dirtbike, if so should I go full coverage or not necessary. Never owned a dirtbike before so I was just looking for some help, Thanks.

well i've just learned you don't tell them you race it. even if all you want is theft insurance.

I hate insurance comp.

I would think the answer to your question would depend on a couple of things. First, what do you plan to do with the bike ie race, trail ride, dual sport? Second, what are your state's laws regarding dirtbikes?

I "titled" (registered) my WR and had to insure it since it is now "street legal" and you must have insurance to ride on the street in Colorado.

If you are going to race it, pay attention to what S Phillips wrote,I seriously doubt they would insure it for race damage. You might also check your home owners or renters policy to see if it would be covered in case of fire or theft.

As always, take free advice for what it's worth.

Again, check with the forestry dept and the DMV as well for what you will need. Here, if all you do is trail ride, you don't need to register a dirt bike. Pay the forestry dept for an annual OHV (off highway vehicle I think) sticky and you can ride the mountain trails.



I will just be doing trail riding, nothing to serious just having fun.

I always title my dirt bikes to get the clear title which shows no lien holder.

I once heard that the cops wouldn't list a dirt bike as stolen for a guy who couldn't prove the bike was his. All he had was a manufacturers certificate of origin which didn't refer to him anywhere on it.

In Texas your homeowners policy will cover theft as personal property off premises. Thats all they'll cover.

Hope that helps.

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