'03 WR450F- going to look at one in the morning

Hi all. I'm new here, though I've been lurking and doing some reading this afternoon. I am hoping someone can break a few things down for me as turnaround time on this is somewhat tight... Please trust that I have been doing some reading here and will do plenty more later tonight.

In the morning I am going to see an '03 WR450F that has about 25 hours on it- the owner says it has 225 miles on it. I am really, really tempted to buy this bike. I have an old KTM now (a '97 RXC 400 LC4) which I love, but it's getting on in years and they're pretty heavy.

What should I be looking out for (specifically) when I go look at this bike? It looks brand new, and the guy seems very straight up (a local father.) I've read about the starter issue, as well as the shearing of the key. Are there easy ways to verify if these upgrades/fixes have been done? Are they easy to do? I'm an OK backyard mechanic (lord knows I can swap/clean carbs on a KTM in a flash) but not a true dig into the guts mechanic.

I'll be trying to dual sport the thing- it really has to be streetable (don't have a truck/trailer and don't care to buy those.) I know that'll involve lighting (duh) and will also change sprockets and maybe cush-hub it. My street rides will be short commutes at below 50, for the most part, to get around during the week and then to off road spots on the weekends. I don't really care about the on-road comfort issue as again these will be brief jaunts and I just don't care about comfort (i.e., it's addressable, if it were to become an issue, by swapping seats, etc.)

My goal here is to get something lighter/newer than the RXC, something reliable, and easier to work on than the RXC.

If anyone has input I sure appreciate it! I'm excited to go ride this thing tomorrow- I've admired them from afar, but have not yet tried one out. Huge thanks guys. Again, sorry to hit you up but turnaround time on this is gonna be tight.


make sure it has the starter upgrade done to it .


the easiest way to tell if it has been done is by looking at the cap that goes over the starter gear .

the newer fixed version has a big chamfer pic1.jpg

the older style was more flat . i can't find a picture of the older style , some were out there is a picture of the old and new beside each other but i can't find it . sorry , i tried and failed .

by the way ,i have a 03 wr450 . absolutely love it great bike .

another thing you might notice since it only has 25 hours on it (or so he says ) is that it seems pretty weak the free mods that can be found under the faq section go over them very well . totally changes the bike .

Thanks for searching for the new/old pics fella- really appreciate that. I'll do some searching myself tonight. Yeah, I did read about the free mods and some other things. As always just looking for that from the horses mouth perspective.

I really wish they had an ignition switch. Small issue though- I'm sure it can be added.

its pretty easy to add an ignition switch to the bike . you could definitely add one .

It should start easily hot or cold using either the kicker or the e-start.

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