ikat spark amplifier

anyone have one? how well do the work?

I'm sure someone will say their great but I tend to think their another form of snakeoil.

They are snake oil. Devices like this sort of work on a 2S if the plug is fouled. All they do is cause the spark energy to have to build more to be able to jump the gap in the device. This causes (or can cause) a increase in power because the spark is delayed slightly. They do zero for a 4S and certainly, at the price, a complete ripoff. The big risk is if the rise is too great, the spark can go where it is not wanted or even worse, not spark at all, cre4ating a voltage build up in the cdi, which can burn it out.

Save your money for important stuff like oil, tires and entry fees.

4stroke.com had a artical promoting it but i can no longer find it, i don't know why, they had their people test it on 450s i think, any way all of the riders that tested it said it was just like installing a big bore kit!! i would love to try one but i'm not willing to risk $200.00 bucks. i need some sponsors!! anybody interested let me know, i would test it at the drag strip where it could be measured.

They are effective on some bikes, but not others. They do nothing noticeable for the '03 or later YZF's because those bikes had upgraded ignitions already.

'02 and earlier, the spark tends to be a little marginal at starting speeds, so some help is achieved by using devices like this, but the only thing it will accomplish is easier starting. There is no power gain, regardless of what anyone says, and you may be just as well off to use an iridium spark plug to accomplish the same thing in effect.

Search the YZ250F forum for icat (possibly i-cat) and the user name wrooster. There's and old thread in there that tells how to build your own.

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