Ocotillo Wells

Leaving in 12 hours. The rain should be gone. We will be at Holmes(sp) campground. Xr's, Yzf's and Quads

If your out there look us up. Look for the 2001 white F-250 4wd with the Layton trailer. Refreshments available.

Yeah Baby! We'll be in the Cahilla Trail camp area. Hopefully we can get a cabana. Scheduled departure is 4PM today or so. Look for a white '97 F350 PS w/white Stockland campershell (like, there aren't a hundred of the same looking truck's out there! :)), AzTex 5X8 trailer with everything listed below. Except the CR500R It's all purty because it's for sale.

I'd love to go, but I'm leaving tonight for the Indy dealer trade show. I bet it is going to be great after all that rain! Enjoy! :)

Make sure you come back with lots of stickers! :D

I'm leaving work right now and headin' to Da Wells :)

I'll be there early and will wake you with the ProMeg.

What an Epic Weekend! :) It's supposed to rain again this week! :D Oh Yesss! T-Diddy! We're on! S-Bend vs. Pro-Meg. We'll get Rich out there with his CRF450 & Big Gun. Pipo y Pipo. :D No kids this coming weekend. It's straiff city, Baby! :D :D

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