Do I have a fly wheel weight????

I got a 46 tooth rear sprocket today for my 2005 YZF450 and the guy said i should buy a fly wheel weight. I went from 15 front 50 rear to a 15 front 46 rear. when i rode it i could tell there was a difference, a lot more top speed which is what. If it works good now does that mean i already have a fly wheel weight?

No it doesn't mean that you have an aftermarket one but it is possible that you do if it's a used bike. He prolly meant that 1st gear is gonna be so high and stalling is gonna be an issue unless your good with the clutch?

I have 14/47 on my 04 and I love it. It really helps reduce rear wheel spin and you get a lot more use out of first gear.

Stock gearing on the '05 was 14/51. The gearing I ran on my '03 would be the same as you running a 14/49. You are the equivalent of 6 teeth higher than that. I can't imagine it does very well in any of the tighter sections.

i run a 14/47 on my 08 yz450F and i race flat track. still pulls 2nd gear starts and everything is still stock, i dont even have a pipe.

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