no oil out of gallery bolt

Have a 2000 YZ426F.The bike sat for 3 years prior to me getting it. I changed the oil, filter, & cleaned the strainer. I thighten the drain plugs, filled the bike with oil. It starts & runs great, but no oil out of gallery bolt. I rode the bike for about 20 minutes before changing the oil. Don't know if it had pressure before the oil change, but it ran at least 20 minutes without locking up. Still no pressure, but it starts fine. Does anyone have any ideas as to what it could be? Any help would be great. Thanks

In the 426, you should be able to loosen the oil manifold at any of the 3 points where it attaches and have it leak while running. You should also be able to open the fill plug and look down into the tank and be able to see the return oil coming back from the crankcase. When it's first started, it will normally be a steady stream, but as the return pump catches up and overruns the feed, the stream will start to break up and become irregular. That's normal.

Thanks I will try looking for the return flow. Also I read on another thread you replied to about checking the cam caps for signs of lack of oil. Would this be similar to looking at main cap bearings on a car motor? I'm assuming it is, but want to double check. By the way, this is the 2nd 426 I now own. Your reply to my other post was very helpful. Thanks

I wouldn't worry about the cam caps or the pressure since it ran for 20 minutes prior. Without oil pressure a YZF will seize the cams in less than a minute. (saw a quad rider do it not too long ago...:lol: ).

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