Buying an 03 WR450f. What do i need to look out for??

Hi all.... I'm compleatly new to this site, but i'm hopeing you can help me out.

I'm looking to buy an 03 WR450f. I've had a look around and due to my budget and personal taste this is what i've decided to go with. I just finished reading up on the 03/04 stator conversion which was very educational but i was wondering what else i needed to look out for?? Being that the best advice i can get off my mates is that "it's a damn sexy bike", i was hopeing for a little more insight. The bike apperantly has about 10000 km on the clock and is very tidy indeed, actually i love it, but should this be love or lust??

I would greatly appreciate any advice anyone can offer.

As with any used dirt bike you should look at EVERYTHING. I usually go after the chain and sprockets(especially the front) and air filter first. If a guy can't take care of the easy stuff then he probably didn't take care of any of it. Also look at the oil. That's another telltale sign the guy was a bit slack with the upkeep.

Engine noise. Do a search on it and there's a lot of info on possible causes. My bike is currently making a pinging/ringing sound under load with indicates piston slap. Maintenance make a huge difference in the longevity of the bike. Get into their maint. records if they kept them. I keep a log on all my bikes. Hope that helps.:lol:

electric start is a problem

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