i am lost an in need of help?

I just bought a wr 450 frame. i was told it was an 06. the title and 10th vin number say its an 05 but the linkage off a 03-05 will not fit which means it should be a 06? could it be an 06 with a 05 production date?

all the parts are comeing off a 2003 YZ 450 and going on the 06 wr 450 frame....

2003-05 YZ 450 linkage numbers



2006 linkage numbers.


and the one different 2217F-50-00

So all i should need is the linkage rod 2217F-50-00?

TY for any help!

If the production date stamped on the frame says something like 07 /05 meaning the month and year it came off the line. Then it's an 06.

Where would the date be stamped?

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