Top End Time

It's time for a new top end on my 06' (it's making expensive metallic noises :worthy: ). Our mechanic is tearing it down today, but's 99% sure it's piston slap. What after market components have you used? Cylinder, piston, valves etc. Also, what's you opinion on after market vs OEM? Better, waste of money etc. I want to get the most bang for my buck. :lol:


athena is a good cylinder. JE is the best piston i have ever used. Stock valves hold up great if you want tougher you can get some from kibblewhite. As for gaskets go with stock for everything.

je pistons are good quality , i would choose them over wiseco . wiseco is a good second choice , oem is all top notch .

i would go with stock valves .

athena has a good reputation , oem cylinders are also of good quality . there is also ice cube , never herd anything bad about them . and they are supposed to make the bike run cooler because of larger water jackets .

i say try out the ice cube for us , plus you can get them in blue .

I have ran one of the ice cube big bore stroker kits on one of the many 250fs i have had. The bike pulled like a 450 but had the weight of a 250. very nice cylinder that held up very well.

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