2001 YZ 426 hard to start!

Bike is having a hard time starting since I took it out of storage. This is what I have done thus far:

- Cleaned out carb

- Replaced spark plug (and is firing)

- New gas

- Checked connections

- Coil checked out fine (multimeter)

- Checked gas tank/ filter/ valve

- Cleaned out air filter

- Checked intake clamps and exhaust for leaks

- Cylinder has high compression

Any other ideas before I pay an arm and a leg at the Yamaha shop? :lol:

Have you checked the jetting or the air/fuel mixture screw? That might be the problem. If your getting a fat blue spark, fuel and air it should be starting :lol:, thats my .02.

Was it starting fine when stored?

Check and adjust the valves.

A couple things to check... Make sure the idle isn't turned way up & make sure the fuel screw is about 1.5 turns out.

I'm not sure of the temperature of your location, but its cold here and even the best tuned YZF's need a little heat to help get them lit.

I was able to get it started! I pulled the choke and kicked her a few times. Then turned the choke off and it fired up! Weird. Any suggestions on how to fix that one? It is like 40 deg today in MD. Thanks for all your help, it saved me some $$

Below 50 degrees most bike are difficult to start, at least more difficult than at 80 degrees. I would just put some gas stabilizer in it, run it for 5 minutes and then wait for warmer weather to make a 'repair it' decision.

I can get mine started at 5 degrees, but why, unless you are drunk, or ice racing. ( I was not ice racing :lol: )

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