XR650L new tire recommendations

OK guys as you may have noticed on your XR650L's, the tires that came on my bike suck when I'm in the MUD on rainy days, or even in dry loose sand. On more the one occasion I have bit the bullet by having the backend break free etc. I know that some of that can be the rider but I'm sure that it's also related to the stock tire. The stock tire from the factory are handel great on the street, but I'm about a 50/50 street vs. dirt. A buddie of mine suggested the Perelli MT21 which is DOT approved.

1) What tire do you run and what do you recommend?

2) As far as tire size I'm thinking of 130/80 rear & 90/90 front, what do you have and what do you recommend?


http://www.intercotire.com/html/body_tera-flex.htm. Tread style #2. This tire rules on the 650L, especially if hopped up. I have used the Michelin desert, Pirelli mt-21, Dunlop 606, Terraflex, and pirelli mt-44 front. The dunlop is a very hard compound and very skatey on hardpack or the street. The MT-21 wears like iron, but 2,500-3,000 miles is about all you can get and still have any use of the knobs. My favorite combo is the Terra-flex rear with the Pirelli MT-44 front(both DOT). The MT-44 is about as aggressive of a front tire you can find that is DOT.

I checked out the Tera-flex site, The way the knobbies are spaced and the tread pattern make it look like it's good for the desert or something. Are you recommending this tire for hardpack and street as well as mud and sand? I'm no expert, but the tread pattern worries me a little when compaired to the Perelli MT21. And granted no one tread or tire is great in all conditions. Can you give me some more info on the kind of riding you do with your Tera-flex


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