Buy the Shim Kit?

I have a 2000 426F that has been sitting for awhile, about 3 years. I am slowly working to get it back into running shape and I am going to put in a HotCam (ADC). Should I buy the HotCam shim kit, or just go buy the required shims? The local dealer said they order the shims, they do not stock them.


I'd say only buy the required ones. I've heard that it's very likely that most of the time a person would never use the majority of the shims that come in the kit, as some would be just way too big or too small. Look at other nearby dealers, someone must have shims. Do a search about shims, if I remember correctly someone said that most 450's use the same type of shims, so a shim for a yz450 would work on a cr450 and vice versa.

Find a local Honda dealer. They should have them on hand. The 9.48mm diameter shims from a CRF are the same series shims your bike uses.

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