Anyone using a Rev - Loc?

I am looking for some feed back if any of you are using the Rev-Loc. I see them used on the KTM web site, but haven't noticed any on the WR / YZ site. I've read of another atuo - clutch made by a company called EFM that is supposedly half the price. Thanks, Ron


Are there any other companies that manufacture auto-clutches for bikes other than Revloc?

Hey Ron- efm got a web site?

There is a guy from the Cannondale site that I believe works for EFM. There may be more information there. I will check, and put a post out to see if I can get more info. I talked to a vet rider from New Hampshire that has one on his DRZ. He said all his bikes from now on will have a Rev - Loc. Thanks, Ron

I got a chance to ride an older cr500 with one on Friday (8/2)... very interesting is about all I can say. Bike seemed very useable, and if it were not for the price I might even consider putting one in my 426 for use in the hills where I ride.


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