cuts out at full throttle..

when its at an idle or even riding at low rpms, it cuts out when i give it full throttle, and then picks back up and takes off. i cut the throttle stop screw, and disconnected the grey wire. but thats it. im not sure if i need to change the jetting or what.. maybe the throttle stop is too short and allowing too much fuel?

try adjusting / setting up the accelerator pump , you could also look up the o-ring mod for the acelerator pump and try that . i didn't notice a difference when i did it . your bike might benefit from being jetted to its elevation , most do .

i found a boyseen accelerator pump cover got rid of my bog when i slammed it to full throttle . this wont do anything if your accelerator pump isn't set up properly .or if they bike is jetted incorrectly .

ok thanks, i try that and see how it goes. is there a chart on jetting for elavation? i do some searching and see what i can find..

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