Head and tail lights

I tried searching for my answer but to no avail. I am wanting to put my headlight back on and get it to work again. I ran it with no tailight for a while and it would work Intermittently, actually worked fine at first, then after a while it wouldn't work at all. I suspect the voltage regulator may be bad, I need to test it. But could running the head with no tail cause a problem? I want to run my headlight without the tailight, do I just leave the two wires hanging back there or do I need to put some type of resistor in place of the tailight? Thanks in advance

It shouldn't be the problem. I am also running no tailight and I just have the wires taped up inside the airbox with some electrical tape around them. I'm sure you've done it already, but have you checked the bulb and all the connections. I had some dirt in the connection of my light and it stopped working, sprayed it out with some WD-40 and I haven't had a problem since.


You can run the front without the rear without a problem. Two years ago I had an intermitent problem with the lights. it turned out to be a bad headlamp switch. The switch had come apart internally and would short out and reconnect when I went over bumps.

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